About Magnatum

Ever since it embraced the spotlight, Truffles has elevated the flavour of simple dishes in ways unimaginable. Is it the oil or the truffle itself? Whichever option you prefer, this delicacy has that “wowing” effect, thanks to its powerful taste and flavour-enhancing properties.
While truffles remain one of the most-sort after culinary ingredients, finding the best of them has never been easy. And that is where we come in.
Who we are
We are Magnatum, a well-established brand specialising in selling fresh truffles, truffle products and caviar. Since the company was established in 2017, we have become one of the best, most trusted truffles, and caviar retailers in Denmark. This is because we provide our beloved customers with luxurious products of the highest quality.
With a true commitment to premium quality, Magnatum has grown from humble beginnings to exclusively sell fresh truffles. Over the years, our valued customers have rewarded us with a commitment to quality and timeliness with their loyalty, allowing us to expand our range of delicacies and serve an ever-growing base. Nowadays, the Magnatum brand is equally recognised in the world of premium caviar and truffles.
We know that our customers expect only the best. All Magnatum products are of premium quality and EU (European Union) certified to honour our customers’ highest expectations. Ensuring that we offer our customers only the best, with every purchase.
What we do
We are a major retailer of truffles, truffle products and caviar. Headquartered in Demark, we ship to Ireland, Sweden, Norway and soon to Germany.
With more than 5 years of existence and experience, we understand the challenges of getting the highest-quality caviar or truffle to our customers in pristine condition. Our tightly organised operations ensure that our customers have easy access to one of the rarest, most prised culinary ingredients.
Magnatum-quality caviar is perfectly suited to be enjoyed pure to fully savour its richness and texture. Our caviar and truffle products are equally suited as an extra touch of refinement to fine dining.
Our Approach
What makes us stand out as a well-established brand is a unique approach we adopt in nurturing and marketing our products. At Magnatum, we understand that there are different varieties of caviar and truffle in the market. However, we aren’t moved, and this is because we know what our customers want, and our caviar and truffle are created to meet their demands.
What makes our Caviar Unique
What makes our caviar different from the rest is the way we cultivate the caviar-producing fishes. Unlike the typical cultivation method, which involves storing the fish in artificial tanks to harvest the caviar all year round, our method involves cultivating the fish in a natural water basin with a constant supply of fresh mountain water: an ideal natural habitat for the fishes. Such a method produces high-quality caviar, rich in taste, texture, and premium quality, only matched by the high-end Caspian caviar.